Zero Budget

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Still earning steady

I'm still earning steadily through adsense, the dreaming blog aint getting much hits, but I'll keep going with it. I'm unsure of where to go next, seems that every direction I start taking wants money...

I'm going to write an article for my dreaming blog, then maybe an affiliate article, leading back here. Then I'm going to see about making a few niche blogs that I'm interested in...

It's exciting.

Monday, July 31, 2006

Just over a dollar earned, and more ideas...

Ok, it's been what, one day? I've earned my first dollar today with Adsense. Let's hope there's more to come.

The dream blog has no subscribers yet, but I'm going to post into some dream forums, if I can find some tomorrow.

I've had a few ideas, too many to mention right now, but I am going to resurrect an old site I took down last month, and market them through MySpace, as they are aimed for teens.

I'll keep you updated!


Dream Blog Complete.

I have added affiliate links in, put my adsense in, and completed the design. I know the design is a bit shabby, but I think it's got a kind of personal feel. It looks right.

Anyway, now it's just a case of promoting it, but where? I might try this article thing. Need to look more into that. I'm going to try and find a few dream forums, see what happens. This site might not generate much traffic or revenue at all, but it's still a great place to log all my dreams.

I have put a large subscribe button at the top, to urge people to subscribe and to gain a list. This list will be for supernatural/hypnosis/motivation/dream products, I might make myself or I will sell affiliate products.

Oh yeah, I'm now using Adsense images a lot more. They have been successful so far. I think they're under rated...

My dream blog is up and running...

I've started my dream blog, still needs a lot of work. It needs the feedburner stuff in, a few affiliate links. Maybe even some amazon and ebay... Nah I'll leave that out till later on.

I'm getting fed up with promoting sites. It's long, hard and repetitive work. Is there a tool for posting to multiple forums, and article directories?


Sunday, July 30, 2006

I'm ready to start my Dream Blog

I have been planning my new Dream blog project for a few hours. I may be doing a little myspace marketing for the dream blog, and maybe building a list of potential buyers for supernatural products, maybe hypnotism and that sort of thing.

Oh well, keep going, I say. I'm sure the dream blog will be done some time tomorow.


Plans for first money spinner!

Ok, I am thinking now about my first website or blog. I am unsure of what I want to do first. I am not a big fan of websites that are just put up to make money off adsense or affiliates, and that have no real content. That isn't very good, and there's too many websites like that.

I watched a film the other night called Mysterious Skin. Anyone seen that? Anyway, one character in the film keeps a log of his dreams in a note book. My idea is to make a blog of MY dreams, let people analyze them, create a mailing list, be an affiliate dream related products, etc. This will prove to be a very interesting blog.

I don't think it will make me THAT much money, but it's good practice and a great little blog in my opinion. Should attract a few visitors!

I'll make that later on tonight and keep you updated!


Welcome to Zero Budget

I want to become a full time internet marketer, but I have no budget. I have just started a full time job and won't get paid for a while. I have decided to start internet marketing right now, with a budget of $0.

I will make small experiment sites and see how they go, aswell as trying to make money as an affiliate. I don't know for sure what I will do yet, and things may change, ideas will come and it will all be exciting.

One thing is for sure though. I have no money. Not a cent. So everything I make will be pure profit, which I will invest into new ventures. So subscribe to the blog, keep coming back, you may learn a thing or two, or you might be able to give me a few pointers.

Follow me on my journey!